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Instant Boiling Water Tap


Instant Boiling Water in your kitchen

Designed to provide instant 98° pre-filtered water through our

Child Safe Tri Flow polished chrome tap, in addition to providing

standard hot & cold water. The compact brushed stainless steel

2.4 litre tank fits unobtrusively under the sink, maximising storage


Temperature adjustable from 75° to 98° and complete with colour

digital display and smoked glass touch screen control featuring the

temperature displays.

Our unique unvented system means no extra pipework for

drainage is required during the quick & easy installation process

and no excess discharge, saving on water and metered bills.

Most of the other units on the market need a separate cold water

supply plumbing in... Not ours

  • Product Information

    Tri Flow Tap

    Standard hot & cold water dispensed at your desired temperature

    through the elegant swivel mixer lever, delivering controlled water

    as required.

    Boiling water is instantly dispensed via the Child Safe Spring

    Locked Handle, running independently through the centre of the

    spout ensuring your tap is always cool to the touch.

    The tap delivers a completely safe flow of water from the spout

    without any of the dangerous spitting of hot water that has been

    associated with other manufacturers’ products.

    The tap also features a 360° swivel spout for

    ease of use and flexibility.

    The tap comes with a 5 year warranty


    Tap Features at a glance

    • High quality Tri Flow chrome finished kitchen tap
    • Hot and cold lever mixer handle with standard
    • water on the right
    • Child safe spring lock boiling water dispenser
    • shown on the left
    • 360° swivel spout
    • 5 year guarantee
    • WRAS approval pending


    Boiler Unit:

    The Boiler Unit has a temperature sensor giving a digital external

    reading of the current water temperature. The tank is not under

    mains water pressure meaning the system is unvented and

    therefore no excess water is discharged to drain.

    A float sensor detecting the water level in the tank, avoids damage

    to the boiler unit and an overheat stat is included for safety in

    operation. Water storage in the 2.4 litre tank is fully insulated to

    maintain the temperature and minimise running costs.

    With a brushed stainless steel surround, smoked glass top

    incorporating a digital touch control and functional colour

    display, the unit is aesthetically designed and compact enough

    to fit discreetly into your base unit (Overall height 315mm, Width

    210mm, Depth 210mm).

    Instantaneous beverages made on demand are proven to reduce

    water waste & costs compared with constant kettle boiling and the

    tank is capable of holding enough water for up to 10 cups of tea &

    coffee. The appliance is supplied with a carbon rod filter designed

    for absorption & removal of calcium, magnesium, odour, dirt &

    particles, etc.

    The boiler comes with a 2 year warranty


    Boiler Features at a glance

    • Touch screen digital interactive control
    • Unique unvented design eliminates extra pipework
    • Temperature adjustable from 75° to 98°
    • Unobtrusive easy clean compact design
    • 2 year guarantee
    • Carbon filter supplie