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LED Bluetooth Mirror

£439.99 Regular Price
£238.00Sale Price
  • Listen to your favourite music whist in the bathoom. 
  • LED Mirror - Bluetooth, De-mist & Touch Sensor
  • Size W1200 x H600 x D78
  • Over half price savings


All Bluetooth mirrors are fitted with led light technology. The bright white emitted from the led gives a clear view of the person staring back, perhaps a bit too clear for first thing in the morning, but we can live with that. The LED's are ultra long lasting and are the most energy efficient type of lighting.
The Bluetooth control allows you to connect devices like your phone or tablet to play music of your choice, Perfect to drown out those singers performing a shower solo. The heat demistifier pad means no more steamy bath times . No more mist in your bathroom that is.