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Showerwall Aqua Ice - 2440mm x 900mm x 10.5mm

The Showerwall waterproof bathroom panelling system is stylish alternative to tiles, offering both cost and significant time savings through the quick & easy-installation process and no wet trades requirement. Manufactured with a moisture resistant MDF core and surfaced in a decorative high pressure laminate; Showerwall is tough, hard-wearing, stain resistant and hygienic. As part of the Showerwall collection you will find natural stone, stunning marbles and a selection of vibrant statement designs; Showerwall have a solution to suit the most varied of tastes and bathroom styles.

Each décor is designed to replicate natural material and therefore it is often not possible to achieve a repeat in the pattern between two panels. In particular the décors that replicate marble and stone will show a greater degree of unmatched pattern. Any reference to Showerwall waterproof panelling system refers to all elements of the Showerwall system being fitted together. Showerwall panels must be fitted in accordance with the fitting instructions and MUST use Showerwall trims, sealant and adhesives to ensure the system is both waterproof and guaranteed. If the purchase of your panels is not registered within 28 days of the installation being completed then the guarantee is reduced to a 10 year term. Sealant needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Failure to do this may cause water ingress and subsequent panel damage.